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    first off i want to say this forum is great!
    i am a regular on many hunting and fishing forums and when i was dong research for my new business i found this place!! very happy i did!

    for the past 6 years i was a financial advisor with New York Life, great company and loved my job... but after 6 years i just didnt see myself still doing that for 30 more years. i fell out of love with my job, and i made a promise to myself to never do a job that i wasn't fully committed to!

    so i moved on this past august and began a new career as a teacher/ coach, actually using my degree!
    it is fun , challenging and extremely rewarding!! the interaction with the kids, players and other teacher/coaches is awesome!!
    i played football in college so being part of a team is what i like!! a bunch of people with a common goal, and lots of ideas as to how to achieve it!

    i knew that a change in careers would result in a change in income, and i was ok with that. but i soon found that to do some of the things me and my wife enjoy, more money was needed. so i started brainstorming as to what i liked to do and how i could make it a successful business.

    here is where my new business has come to life, in the past 4 years i volunteered at my high school as a football coach, did a lot of lawn cutting, field maintenance, pressure washing and other tasks. i worked for a outdoor company in high school then again in college, ive always enjoyed working outdoors and improving the appearance of things. i guess its the sense of accomplishment of a job well done.

    well now that i have free time during the summers(plus the other vacations) ,when not in sports season im done at 330-4 pm, and my weekends are all free, i decided that starting up a pressure washing & lawn care business would be a great way to make some extra money to help meet the needs of my family. at the current time im in the process of advertising via facebook, twitter and mail/ door to door.
    i did some pressure washing last spring and a few of those clients called in jan asking when i was gonna b able to start pressure washing again, it just got me thinking, how many more people would pay to have their house, deck, patio, driveway, place of business , shed etc pressure washed??and could i offer them lawn care in addition??

    i really am excited to get the ball rolling with my new business.

    are there any tips or important things yall can tell me , i know how to run a successful business, but this is a new area of business so all info is appreciated.

    i will b setting up an LLC in the next few days, and also looking to add insurance. any advice on this.
    from what i read so far, in LA i dont needs a permit or lisc to pressure wash or cut grass , just for the fertilization and pesticide application, correct??

    here is a list of my current equiptment , ill get the model numbers tonite:
    husqvarna self prepelled walk behind
    husqvarna straight shaft trimmer
    husqvarna 18" chainsaw
    echo backpack blower
    troy built pressure washer

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