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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hivemind, Jul 10, 2001.

  1. hivemind

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    next summer i am planning on beginning my own lawn mowing service
    i am working with a professional company now and i know how to sharpen the blades and perform all the maintenance for all the machines, including a Bobcat by Ransomes, Scag Ultima Walk Behind, Sabertooth scag, and the other weed whippers and such.

    i need advice on what to buy for next season.
    i will have about 10,000 dollars, but with that i will need to buy a machine or 2(one man crew), weed whipper, and all other tools.
    i have been looking at the Dixie Chopper, but how much does it cost and how efficient is it?

    i am a lazy bastard and i want a rider, sulkies **** me up so i dont really like messing with em...

    all suggestions welcome!
  2. mdb landscaping

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    if you are planning on getting all that equipment with $10,000 i think you need to consider buying some used equipment as well as new. if i was in your position i think i wouldnt hesitate to buy a new back pack blower and a line trimmer. now for brands i think stihl and echo are some really good brands that you couldnt go wrong with. the backpack is about $400 and the trimmer around $200. now for mowers you may want to go used. if you want a rider i think you should look at a used exmark lazer or scag turf tiger. there are some other good brands out there as well, but from being on this site most people are partial to those brands. i dont know what sized yards your cutting, but id say go with a 60inch rider and a 48 inch walkbehind as long as you dont have any small gates. now since this is your first year i think you should grow into the equipment. get yourself a good walkbehind and make yourself some money before you buy a rider. hope some of this helps.
  3. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    I would suggest buying new 2-cycle equipment also, unless you really know how the equipment was treated, than used wouldn't be too bad. As for mowers, I would suggest a 36" and a 48-52" wb to start. I would think they could be obtained reasonable priced in good condition.
  4. Ssouth

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    Exmark 48" HP - $6200
    Echo SRM 260 - $300
    Echo PB 60 - $400
    7' * 16' trailor - $1000

    Grand total of $7900 with $2100 for misc.

    Good luck,


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