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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by adcare lawns and gardens, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. adcare lawns and gardens

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    im a new business looking to market in the winter and start next summer...what should i look to expect to be shelling out for start-up costs??? i need at least one rider one walk behind two trimmers and two blowers... any and all responses are appreciated.
  2. grassmedics

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    Go used to start, your also going to need garden tools, edger, trailer, etc. good luck:waving:
  3. IndustrialGreen

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    When I first started, not including the truck (already had it) I went about $8000 in equipment (Gravely 34 WB (new)and Toro 21 (used, but refurbed w/new engine, wheels, etc), trimmer, edger, blower and misc support stuff like gas cans), trailer, insurance, licenses, printing, etc. I started about as small as you can, but still be somewhat effecient, meaning I can do jobs fast enough to get a decent ROI. I weighed the costs and bought the Gravely new, for warranty and dealer support (including a loaner if it went down), as it was the primary machine at the time. That decision was, all in all, cheap peace of mind.
  4. adcare lawns and gardens

    adcare lawns and gardens LawnSite Member
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    thank you guys you're a big help.:)
  5. supercuts

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    i hope your not jumping into all brand new equiptment. perhaps a trimmer and blower, but the other 2 can be used. as far as mowers maybe the rider but a used WB is fine, a used ZTR with low hrs is going to be much more friendly in the pocket. if you do this , 4-5K on a used ZTR, 1-2 on a WB, 600 for new trimmer and blower, 100-200 on used trimmer blower
  6. unearth888

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    Why do you NEED a rider and a walk behind and two blowers and trimmers if you don't even have any business yet? Just wondering, not trying to sound snotty!
  7. IndustrialGreen

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    from SLC UT
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    Ditto. I started with the small WB. No ZTR. I reasoned the WB was far more versitile than the ZTR, regarding terrain especially, although, if I lived where everything was flat, I may have considered the ZTR foremost. I don't have a backup blower and trimmer, just enough money in the account to go get one if its needed, which isn't quite as good, but it will do for now. Money is the most flexible back up for the small stuff, but not as reliable as having the thing in hand.

    The WB could handle anything I might get, while the ZTR would have been faster, I did get acounts right off the bat where the ZTR would have been useless (steep side hills with walls at the bottom, another w a rock terraced backyard where the WB is "wheelied" down onto each level, etc.) If I had gone w just the ZTR, it would have been a mistake. A WB w a ZTR and you would need to add 5K to my start up costs. If you can afford both, and still have enough left over for advertising and admin, and survival until you are profitable, then its good. If not, just go w a good WB for now. The additional equipment I get now is purchased outright from profits. I went in the black two months after I started, (but not from just mowing). Thats saying I had a lucky break right at the start with a giant mulching side job.

    With mowing alone I would still be in the hole, but I would have expected that. The business plan says I don't turn a mowing profit till next spring.

    There lots of jobs here, but it is still taking time to build good tight routes w good customers. Thats where the money is.
  8. adcare lawns and gardens

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    while i understand the logic behind the fact that i have no lawns so why go for the gusto... im new to the area and had a smalltime thing back home in philly where i just passed out flyers... my only equiptment was a pushmow, weedy and blower. the problem arose with word of mouth which was in reality my biggest marketing tool unbenounced to me at the time. i wound up with lawns that, while i didnt want to turn them down, were walkbehind material... i figure it easier to be prepared and able to accomodate than lose valuable customer realationships through being known as the neighborhood pushmowman.
    i actually have at the moment a pushmow, a homelite trimmer and a johndeer gt225 40" riding mower, but im not sure how they (the trimmer especially) would hold up under extended use.
    in addition i found an ad which sounds almost too good to be true... a guy selling his:(begining ad) "5X12 trailer and a cub cadet rtz zero turn mower (50"). The trailer is like new and the cub cadet is like new only has 60 hrs on it. I paid about 4900 with tax for these together. If someone buys them for what I payed minus tax ($4500), I will give them all my lawns for free. So basically your buying like new equipment at new cost but without tax.. Also they can have a weedwacker, and a push mower for free. Heres the lawns I have and the amounts they are. They can be cut in 2 days by 1 person easily. (25,30,20,25,30,30,25,30,30,25,27,27,95,150) You can make an extra $500.00 or more a week. The one large lawn is an entrance to a large and rich community and you will pick up a ton of extra work!!!!"... (end ad).
    i need a trailer too if i plan on doing any work as i have a truck but need to put on a hitch. my question is.... is this ad too good to be true and what do u think of my current tool situation... usable or not. i love this type of work and dont belive in failure with the ambition i have to succeed.
    thank u guys for all ur help.

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