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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by quadracer_13, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. quadracer_13

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    I am looking to start a lawn care business. I have been doing some research but i am still not sure where to start. I have some of the smaller equipment but am needing a mower. I dont really have the credit to take out a loan. Is there any place that will loan money to a new business right away? any advice is will help. thanks
  2. progressivelawncare

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    i don't know but i wouldn't take out a loan to start this late i'd just get a 21 and see what happens.

    that's just me though good luck.
  3. kjslawn

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    I would not borrow money to start. This biz is so cut throat and mother nature has not been nice ( RAIN ) the lack of it. Not to mention Gas at $4+ a gallon. You need to just buy something small put it in the back of your truck No trailer. I am selling one of my trailers and 2 walkbehinds to mow out of my truck next year. I am also going to go from 30 + yards to 10 in my neighborhood the savings in gas and commercial ins on my truck I will make more money in less time. I am not trying to discourage you just be careful dont buy what some will say( SALESMAN at local mower shop ) about how much you can make and the payments being affordable.
  4. browningv308

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    you can get some good financing through most dealers but your stating kind of late on the other hand you can finance a mower now and be a little ahead come spring also when i bought my first mower i waited until winter and bought a used walk behind that was traded in and still got to finance it and got a good payment plan i wouldn't even think about buying anything until i had the work to pay for it

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