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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pilotcoplawnboy, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. pilotcoplawnboy

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    Does anyone think that it is a good idea to use your on yard as a reference for people to come by and look at? Also should I put out flyers for business or cards?When my house was built two years ago I redid the crappy landscape job that was done by the builder. I added a lot of curved beds and planted new tree and installed landscape light. I have been mowing grass and landscaping for my father for 20 years and now I want to start my on business since I live 30 miles from where he works at. I am also a fulltime police officer. Thanks for any advice.:angel:
  2. keifer

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    If i where going to go with the flyers and had the money i would put a pic of your yard on them.Working for your self is better but 30 miles is not to bad. good luck copper.
  3. heygrassman

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    And any changes to the yard could be written off as Marketing Expense... better run that past the accountant first..
  4. pilotcoplawnboy

    pilotcoplawnboy LawnSite Member
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    Thanks! I think posting a pic with the flyer would be a great idea. How much do I owe ya? Kidding~!
  5. LawnLad

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    Use whatever you've got to market yourself. The way in which you take your pictures too don't have to tell the whole story. You can show up close elements in the landscape that won't show the house or identifying land marks to give away the site of your picture. You have to have something in your portfolio to start. No reason you can't use your own home.

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