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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by drewb, Mar 25, 2002.

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    I am looking into starting a lanscape co this or next spring. I am on a fact finding mission and after reading posts for the last 3 hrs feel that I should start a thread. This request may be to extensive for a single post but I would appreciate any info provided.

    My plan is to start off by just finish grading and seeding. Grow the bus as money allows. I think a Kub l3010 (32 enough hp?) would be the most univeral cost effective way to go??? I am unsure of attachments, I planned on a FEL and either a Boxscraper and/or pulverizer. I have heard plus and minus of Harleys?? and maybe even a seed injector???

    How about pricing, I have heard the going rate around here is 800$ to finish grade and plant seed the customer had purchased
    ($1250 if we supplied). Approx 4hrs site time??!!

    Marketing - I have 4 contractors in my immediate family so I feel I could get some bus this way. Friend of family does heavy grade (backhoe & bulldozer) work but will not touch the light stuff, more business?? Friend is major sales person at lumber company for contractors, maybe more bus??? Do you think this is enough to cover equipment costs etc? This is a weekend/night (2nd job) job for me.

    I have heard many complaints from new homeowners that they cannot find anyone to put in lawns, so I thought I would look into the possibility of starting my own company w/ 1 partener.

    Look forward to your expertise in my new endeavor.
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    It sounds like a rather narrow niche that you are thinking about building a business around. My question would be...if you were to have a house that needed a lawn installation, wouldn't you probably need other landscape installations as well? ...if so, wouldn't you hire someone that could do all of it?
    It does not sound like a strong business plan. Why not start with less of an equipment investment with an activity that is going to get you lots of potential clients to eventually build that niche. There are very compelling reasons that draw so many people toward the mowing business as a start. The biggest is the opportunities to get other work that opens up from your customer base, experience gained, versatile equipment, and name recognition from the signs on your truck that goes all over town and is read at every stop light (don't forget to letter the bug shield).
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    Sounds like you know what you want. I would learn about different plants that work in your area and also go for the complete install. since your doing the grading sell irrigation systems and sub out the work. A tractor man in my neck on the woods goes for about 400.00 per day.

    You can maximize your profit the more things you can do at each job site.

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