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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by caros cleanup, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Matt Caro. I am 26 yrs old from Santa Rosa,CA. For about 10 yrs now ive dreamt of one day owning my own small business. This last may i was laid off from my bakery job due to company closure. I have not been able to find new work and have been doing yard work for some relatives and their friends and love it. I enjoy not only making peoples property look 100% better but also seeing the smile on the homeowners' face when im done with their yards. So finally about a month ago i realized how easy it was to get a general business license and i got one. My business is Caros' Cleanup. The only problem is that due to not so good credit history, i am unable to get a loan at this time and need more equipment and supplies to help my business grow and give me more services to offer and hopefully get very serious in the business and take on regaular clients. If anyone can possibly help me find any low-cost/free lawn care equipment and supllies or any cash donations please let me know. Thank you very very much for your time.

    Take Care,

    Matt Caro
    (Caros' Cleanup)
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    haha you funny!
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    Ask Obama, he will surely give you a cash handout!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can't say that you will definitely find anything FREE but check on craigslist on the free section.

    OR go to a land fill and you may be surprised how many people throw away weed eaters because the fuel lines are leaking and it wouldn't start.

    You may also find other equipment cheap on craigslist under "farm and garden" under the for sale section.

    Good luck!

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