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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NJLawnGuy, Sep 22, 2003.

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    So heres my story:
    I'm currently working for a pharma company in the IT department, but I'm sick of corporate B.S. After throwing ideas around with my wife, we've decided to try a lawn care business where I would be the owner/operator. I'm in south Jersey. (a good place to start, I think?....) Anyway, I've been spec'in machines and equipment, and definetly have the startup money. Whats my next step? Oh by the way I'm going to purchase the templates on this site to get additional help. Now I just need a game plan and a good kick in the butt for motivation. Please Help!!!!
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    Read, read, then read some more.... use the search feature, type in any key word you can imagine about this industry and you will find related info...

    check out the elements of business and new company forums...

  3. Jimmy348

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    Read, read and then go talk to Steve at Curtis Equipment in Yardley for Exmark equipment. Also, Bill at B & B on Rt. 31 carries Exmark, Bobcat, Dixie as well as Red Max trimmers and blowers. I'm sold on the Exmark though. Good luck!
  4. NJLawnGuy

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    Good stuff, thanks for the comments, I have been busy absorbing as much as possible in the past few weeks. I've also recently found out they'll be outsourcing my department in the next 18 months. That gives me enough time to make it through next summer, maybe I'll just go in part time, get enough customers to pay for all the equipment I'll need. I was thinking about an Exmark, thanks for giving me the info on the NJ dealers.
  5. costcutter

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    you are correct, read and learn , when I first started in 1999 I was hardheaded and did not listen but you can try different mowers and decide but exmark laser when all is said and done will probably be king. in this buis as quoted by a man at exmark factory he aven stressed in this buis time is not everthing but combined with quality is the only thing , in this buis time is money.

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