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A neighbor has a 77 Chevy half ton that he has kept primarily to lend to others (a pickup truck is one handy item). The cab is rusted badly. I drove it in the rain once and the tires kicked up splatter through the floorboards and it got all over the door panels. Luckily I was wearing large boots at the time and could block the majority of the wash from blurring my vision. Rust like this has affected the structural integrity of the cab and the doors don't close very well. This is of concern to the owner as he feels it is a safety issue and increased risk if he continues to loan it to people. The truck only has 60,000mi on it and runs perfect. Should he attempt to replace the cab? Is there someone who sells new ones, or a good source for used ones. How much hassle would this be?

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I would think the toughest part of this job would be having to remove all the wiring, stuff bolted to the firewall, and stuff under the dash, then reinstalling it on the new cab. I know people do this, though, especially with the '67-'72 pickups which are very popular right now. It would have to be a pretty nice truck in ALL other aspects to warrant a cab replacement, just my $.02.


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Changing a cab on these models is easy- in regards to how to do it, but hard in the respect that it's time consuming and you are dealing with fasteners that have been on there for decades. If the truck's owner is thinking of replacing the cab, he needs to be sure to realize that this truck will be out of commision for a while. You don't want to hurry through this, especially if you've never done this before.

I agree with Jeff- the rest of the truck should be A-OK, otherwise, I'd get rid of it and get another. It doesn't make sense to go through the effort and expense of installing a new cab if, next week, everything you put in the bed is going to hit the ground. It should run, shift and drive good, and should have minimal problems elsewhere, or it just ain't worth the effort. Of course, if there is sentimental value, that could change things.

As far as new cabs, I am not aware of anyone who sells an aftermarket cab. I'm willing to bet there isn't one since the VIN is on the cab. Which brings up a good point- if he buys a cab, MAKE SURE THE TITLE COMES WITH IT. It is illegal to take the numbers out of one cab and put them in the other. There is a place out west that sells tons of rust-free parts, including cabs. I'll try to find it for you. I have a completely rust-free 87 cab here in Indiana, but it would probably be more than he'll want to pay (an original, rust free cab of that body style brings a good price here).