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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NightLightingFX, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I just got a new camera - Canon Rebel XT. As I figure out how to use this SLR camera, any advice as I start out. Paul you mentioned you just put yours on night scene and shoot. Do you ever mess with the ISO?
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    Get to know your manual mode, shooting in raw, post processing, and save a little more money and invest in other lenses. Most of the kit lenses that come with the camera are adequate though. Go to the Cast website and read Steve's info on night photography. It is a very good read.

    From your post's, you seem to be very well versed in the lighting industry, and learning to use that camera will bring you up another notch. There are also camera forums. Pretty sure Nikon has a forum. Just google it. Forgot to mention that you will also need a good tripod and use the timed shutter release on you camera. Do not manually depress for a photo. You will be taking long exposures and any camera shake is a no no. Also read up on bracketing. Hope this helps and does not scare you off. You can take pretty good pictures with the auto presets in the camera, but you will do yourself a world of good if you get a little more involved.

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    Ned, I shoot all mine in the manual mode. f13-f18 with various shutter speeds depending on the ambient light. Oh yeah, shut off the flash. As was mentioned you will need a tripod. All good advice given by Sam. happy shooting.
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    Also... when using the tripod... you need to also use the self timer to take pics. (or a remote control) Just pressing the shutter button will blur the image.
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    Pretty good advice so far.

    Yes Canon has a forum and I think it is called prophoto.

    Yes you will need a good tripod. I bought my Manfrotto clone at It is really awesome. Canon makes a remote shutter release for that camera, buy it too.

    I adjust the ISO setting all the time for night work. You may find that 400 is enough, but there will be times you want to push the light gathering capability of the sensor and move to 800. This is about as high as you can go without getting noise on the image.

    If you got the standard kit lens for your Rebel XTi, I would highly recommend you move to the IS (image stabilized) upgrade. I have the 17mm-85mm EF-S IS USM Lens on my rig and it is awesome.

    As for settings. Use full manual mode and start experimenting. I would not recommend you use the same settings for every shot. I generally like to open up the apature F4 to F5.6 and then take 5 to 10 second exposures at ISO 400 or 800. The scene, ambient light, contast in the object etc etc etc will dictate a lot of this.

    Take a digital camera course through your local school or a good camera store. Then be sure to ask lots of question for your application.

    Have a great day and enjoy your new camera.

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