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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FLAhaulboy, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I was operating a lawn care and landscaping and tree service business here in Florida until hurricane Ivan hit us hard. I went to cutting up trees full time. Eventually that slowed down and my clients started asking me if i would haul away debris. I now own and operate a full time hauling business here in Florida. I make about ten times what I made from the landscaping business. I haul away anything, construction debris,furniture, limbs, etc, tear down small buildings. I expect to gross about 300,000 + income, if projections continue. One employee (me), one 04 F-150 king cab, two trailers. I recycle the aluminiun and scrape metal and copper for added income. Thought the Florida hurricanes have been bad on everyone here, myself included, I have found a new career that I enjoy. I still do some landscaping and ornmental ponds when I get the "itch" to do so and may one day go back to it full time but for now I love to haul! I could easily start a big debris hauling service with more employees and equipment but I like working by myself, got burned out on supervising employees with the tree service. I came up with a great business name for my hauling service that everyone loves and it actually brings in new custmers daily (cant tell you guys the name!). I load everything by hand. use a sawzall and sledge hammer..., no heavy equipment like a bobcat. I am seriously considering buying a cutoff torch and start demolishing mobile homes, as people often call me about doing this. I think this type of work i'm currently doing is great and I'm helping to keep Florida beautiful...and clean!
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    wow thats awesome hope it works for you. :)
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    Bet I could name the company. Small town. Glad to see someone else from Destin on Lawnsite.
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    I'm pretty new to LawnSite, although I lurked some last year. I saw your post here the other day and would be willing to pay for an hour of your time to discuss how you got into debris hauling, what type of trailers you use, and who to contact for government contracts or insurance when people need debris hauled from natural disasters (or otherwise.) We are considering moving to the Tampa area, so I would not be "competition" to you in any way. Also wondering if you network with other "haulers" in FL, and if the competition is already steep in the Tampa area.

    This is part of my "market research", if you will as to whether I would want to include this type of service, in addition to normal lawn maintenance, as part of what I plan to offer. Any help would be appreciated, and as I noted above, I am willing to compensate you for your time and effort.

    Larry Weathersby

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