New cell phone business expense?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MudslinginFX4, Aug 10, 2004.

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    OK, here is the deal... I currently own a Nextel cell phone and am having problems with it. I am going to go tomorrow and get a new phone. Since select customers call me on the phone sometimes can I have my business buy the phone? The phone is in my personal name, not my business name... just wondering.
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    Your new cell phone would certainly be a business expense. You can probaby get away with deducting the entire cost of the new phone. However, it would be better to keep track of what percentage of your calls are business than deduct that amount of the cost of the new phone.

    Let's say the new phone cost you $150.00 and you make 70% business and 30% percent calls. You could deduct 70% times $150.00 which is $105.00.

    That's called a "ratable portion" or an amount of something determined by another amount.
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    Just dedect the whole thing you will never be asked about it even if you do get audited
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    just deduct the whole thing, you don't even have to put it in your business name
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    i deduct mine and my wifes......
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    Hi ECMLawn,

    Here is a quote from this article.

    Tax Tips for Home-Based Business Owners

    "All of your equipment - your computer, printer, scanner, cell phone, printer ink, etc - is also tax deductible."

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