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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MWM, Jan 22, 2004.

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    I am in the market for a truck to replace a 95 Chevy 3500 HD. This truck has a 14' stake bed dump on it. I cannot find on Chevrolets website where a similar truck is still being made. I know they introduced the 4500 but did that totally replace the 3500 cab and chassis option? The 4500 is bigger and more expensive than what I was wanting to put into a replacement for this truck.
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    Call your local dealers. The bigger ones usually keep some of what your looking for around. Yes they are still made, I saw some a few months ago when looking at trucks.
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    I could be wrong, but I don't think GM is manufacturing the 3500HD (15,000 gvw) trucks anymore. There may still be some left over though.

    If you don't want to jump up to a 4500, your only choice is a 3500 cab/chassis. But, the max gvw is only 12,000 lbs.

    Have you priced a 4500 yet? I don't think they are a whole lot more than a 3500.
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    3500 Cab/chassis starts at $25,628 and the 4500 starts at $28,290.

    To me, the extra $2500 is worth it because you're getting a bigger truck.
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    The worst part of the new 4500 is they are too large dimensionally the cab is too large for the truck. With the 3500HD the truck looked like a P/U truck except for it could carry alot more.

    When your working in a residential area you want something that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. When your traveling down the freeway the 4500s are DOT eye catchers its pretty hard to avoid the DOT.

    Chevy made a big mistake building the 4500 and 5500 they should have kept building the 3500HD.

    This is where Ford has the market wrapped up they build a truck with a normal sized cab its no bigger dimensionally compared to a F-350 dually. How in the h*ll are you going to squeeze into a tight spot with a 4500 Chev because it is just as large as a medium duty 5 ton truck.

    For me the places I go I need a truck that can carry a good load and get into places where a 1 ton truck can.

    You may not want togo back to a 3500 Chev after owning a 3500HD a 1 ton truck your payload is pretty much 5000lbs max you can maybe haul 6000lbs but not legally.

    A 3500HD probably can carry 7-8000lbs fairly easy put 6000lbs on it you smooth out the ride :D

    Myself I have been trying to decide do I really want togo back to a 1 ton because I would like to have 4wheeldrive I can't afford a brandnew F-450 4x4.

    I currently run a F-Superduty but it is 2wd like a 3500HD and there are times I wish I had more traction I was told to run a locker or limited slip just don't know how well they work.

    The F-Superduty trucks are nice because they handle a load good you never have to worry about constantly being overloaded.
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    I am pretty sure the 3500HD is no longer made. At least it is not on the website. Our company has a 1997 GMC 3500HD, a 2003 C-4500 with a dump, and 3 current K-3500 with Duramax Diesels. We also have 2 F350's and 2 F450's. The 4500 is not too bad of a truck for a 16,000 GVW truck. It hauls good and surprisingly it is manuverable in tight spots. The F450's are really not much narrower than the 4500 and the F450 you can see what is right infront of you. The 4500 has great visibility. The 3500 is a good truck too and it can haul very well with the diesel. The gas isn't too bad either if the Diesel is too expensive. But my opinion is go with a diesel because they are stronger and a far more reliable in the long run. I hope this helps you a bit.

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