NEW Chopper a LEMON??:( :( :( :(

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scapes4u, Apr 22, 2000.

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    I have my first Dixie Chopper diesel this year. It's a 2000 year model XWD2600-60 Flatlander. So far it runs great (46 hrs.) and is outperforming the 25 HP Kohler I had the past two years. It goes through heavy grass faster and the rpm's don't drop as much. It's using about .8 gal./hr of fuel.<br>I cut a road bank that was about 50 degrees incline mowing sideways with the chute down today. It did okay but I wouldn't want to be on anything much steeper. <p>----------<br>Larry<br>
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    50 degrees ??<br>not quite possible....<br>machines built for hillside mowing would have a hard time hanging that hill..<br>people tend to over guess inclines, if you were to measure the incline i would say it is not so steep..
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    You tell the dealer to fix the *&@^% Kohler and forget about &quot;working something out.&quot; That's dealer lingo for &quot;working cash out of your pocket.&quot;<p>Get the 25hp Kohler fixed and done right. <br>Them telling you ANYTHING about how to service that engine with the history that engine has is PERPOSTEROUS!
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    Well guys it's me again,he came in tonight & said he wasn't going to have the 25hp chopper back because he will never trust it again,so I guess we will be getting the diesel,which by the way is a 2600. We had a really bad experience with John Deere about a motor on one of our riders,we are on the 3rd motor at their expense now,which is ridiculous.He said he doesn't feel like going through this again.He said he is tired of arguing with dealers & is about ready to throw up his hands and quit.I have heard this before & this too will pass.All of you guys work really hard at this profession, I respect all of you & this is the BEST lawn site I have found !
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    To everyone out there i have one question. When is kohler going to learn how to make an engine that does not brake before you break it in? Cant they just copy the japs. They might learn something. And the dealer should be kissing your behind if hes not already giving you a very good good deal on that diesel. My last comment is try to get a good deal on the diesel to compensate for your trouble. Good luck.<br>
  7. HOMER

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    I have been fortunate so far with the 25 on my 72 City Slicker, not one problem and it's approaching 300 hrs. At what point is a Kohler considered &quot;broke in&quot;? My 22 on the other hand is on the verge of being &quot;worn out&quot;!<p>Homer
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    I have a Kohler 25hp that was built in 98. It was either built on friday afternoon at 4:45pm or the Monday after a big Packer victory. I read lots of encouraging words after the head gasket rebuild, my direct experience is very much otherwise. My 25hp had shot rings at 100 hours. The head gasket problem was not discovered at that time so no bulletins were out. At 400 hours the head gasket blew. This year at 520 hours the coils were bad. For some of you this could have happened in 1 season and it would have been considered a lemon. I just got done writing the check for $266.00 for the out of warranty repair. <br>My experience with this engine is that its a gas eating unreliable piece of ****. Sorry for the french but I am a solo operator that is trying to get one step ahead but the 25 keeps me behind. <br>Yes even though they cost big bucks, I'm going diesel next time. Good Luck.
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    Homer im glad to hear that your kohler has been reliable fo you. Not what i hear from ohters and i just replaced a set of coils on mine and the dealer told me they were made bad back then. Mine is a 94 w/900hrs and i paid 300.00 out of pocket. Sorry to target kohler but how hard is it to build a lawnmower engine that is reliable. They cost from 6 to 10K they should be built a little better dont you agree?
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    i had a 20hp kohler magnum on my SCAG stz, the pre superZ.i had to replce the coils on it. it was about $200 if i remember right.<br>just sold it last fall 700hrs, $2500

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