New Clamp Meter Identifies 2-Wire System Wire Problems.

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    Armada Technologies® is announcing the introduction of the new Pro92™ Leakage Clamp Multimeter with milliamp current capability. The Pro92™ was designed in conjunction with national 2-Wire entities to meet specific requirements for 2-Wire troubleshooting as part of an overall troubleshooting suite of testers for identifying and locating malfunctions in the 2-Wire physical plant.

    2-Wire contractors who maintain direct buried cables commonly run into underground problems including nicked or damaged wiring. Wires are damaged by other contractors, rodents, weather, etc. As a consequence, current leaks into the ground at the point of damage, causing loss of power to decoders. The Pro92 will identify through precise milliamp measurements which cable section is damaged.

    The Pro92™ provides a measured and accurate capability to help track and locate wire faults. Anyone looking to improve workforce efficiency on 2-Wire systems needs the labor saving capacity of the Pro92™.

    The model Pro92™ is now available now from authorized distributors found at

    About Armada – Armada Technologies is a privately held LLC corporation in Michigan, dedicated to creating and improving upon existing troubleshooting practices.


    Bruce Nelson
    Armada Technologies

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