New client... maybe?


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I received an email on April 7th..

Please provide me with a quote to cut my grass. My home address is: 123 Penny Pincher Lane, Westminster, MD 21157.

Thank You,

Mark "the Haggler"

I went to look at the property & I sent an email back to him the same day with quotes for all my service. The turf area is appox 10,000 with the back having decent slope to it that the Lazer should be able to handle. I estimate 20-30 minutes max.

I quoted $40 in the email. Never heard back from the guy until this past Thursday, April 22nd (2 weeks after the email). He calls me up mid-day and says..

"Yeah.. I sent you guys an email for a quote to do my yard. You takin' on any new customers?"

I said, "yes.. is this Mark?" (I have a hard time remembering someone's name 2 minutes after they tell me but somehow I remembered his?)

He says, "yes it is."

I said, "Hi Mark.. I sent you an email the day after I received yours with quotes for all services."

He says, "well I never received it." (sure he didn't) :rolleyes:

I said, "well I sent you one."

He says, "well I didn't get it or maybe I deleted it thinking it was spam (sure).. so how much?"

I said, "I believe I quoted $40 to cut and something like $50 for fert apps."

He says, "Can you do it for $30? It's only worth $30. I have ChemLawn doing the apps for $37.50.. nobody can touch their price." (I was like.. OH BOY, Here we go!)

I said, "No.. I don't think so. I have more than enough work but thanks."

He said, "You can't do it for $30? It's only worth $30 and you can do it for the whole season. (How generous?)

I said, "Listen.. I'll meet you half way and do it for $35.. how's that?"

He says, Well it's only worth $30. I guess I should have stated it was only worth $25 and then had you have met me half way?"

(Now I was getting a little perturbed)

I said, "LOOK.. $35 is the best I can do. What would you like to do?"

He said, "Well it's only worth $30 to me.. thanks."

*click* End conversation

I was like.. that was a weird & entertaining one!

Well.. today I received a voice mail.. "Hi Tom.. It's Mark. We talked about you meeting me half way fo $35 to do my lawn......... Can you let me know if you can do it?"

I was quite surprised as I didn't expect to hear back from him :eek:

What do you guys think? Take him on or not? I'm not going to ask for $40 as he was probably right that the lawn is only worth $30 :D However I will ask for $75 for the first cut because I don't think it's been cut yet.

It's a new neighborhood for me to get into and is very close to home (less than a mile).

He sounds like toooo much trouble...


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I'd give him a shot, but make sure he pays on time. That's one of those that if it gets behind, you can hang it up. I'd also go for $35 unless it is really out of shape, then of course $75 or whatever is fair to you. And make sure he sticks to the part about it being for the "whole season"!


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Protect yourself from him using you one time and ditching you (by charging $75 for the first cut) and you are golden... I say go for it, new areas close to home are important.


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Michael.. I haven't seen a post by you in a while. If I remeber correctly you were leaving the biz? Is that right? Sorry if I have you confused with someone else. I think you said you were going into the restaurant biz...


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Go for it as long as it is a good fit to your route and he pays on time and you need the business. Beware that he will probably be a haggler for everything that he asks for. And he may repeat the behavior of being quick to make excuses and say "oh, i never got your bill" (yah right.)


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Tom, although the guy does seem like a bit of a goof, since it's a neighborhood you're trying to break into, I'd say go for it (especially since you stated it probably is really only a $30 lawn, and you'd be getting $35).

Worse comes to worse, if the guy turns out to be a problem, you cut him loose at the end of this season, and by then you'll have probably picked up some neighbors (I've seen the quality of your work in the pics you've posted here, getting picked up by neighbors shouldn't be a problem).


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Hey LawnScapes- Yup, thats me, gotta check up on lawnsite once in a while :) I am enjoying the restaurant, but of course, miss the peace and tranquillity of mowing a lawn.. no other bothers, much less stress, time to think, and drive time to relax during... ahhh, i miss it. But wait, is that a bee in my truck? Oh shoot that pothole just knocked my trimmer loose! How can this thing be out of gas already? I filled up this morning! I guess the grass is always greener, unless I am mowing it.

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