New Client that won't return calls

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cokebear71, May 10, 2010.


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    Just let it go, these kind of people don't deserve your time.

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    From my experience, one time customers rarely if ever turn into regular customers. They might talk about it but it's usually just talk. If they wanted a regular service they would have requested that from the get go.
  3. cozymonkey

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    call me captian obvious but I believe your post says he is your highest paying client and it also says he is a new client? I assuming then he has never paid? How can he be you highest paying client and not paid you? If I had someone tell me they would mow for me first time without payment they could tell me they would charge $1000 dollars to mow for all I care if I never intended to pay. Word of advise all new customers pay for serivces at time of service for the first few months then you can change to billing after services performed.
  4. cokebear71

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    cozy monkey,

    No he paid me cash the first time and more than I asked actually. Told me to keep the extra for my hard work. I just cannot get a hold of him for the second service. I have called 4 times and left 2 messages and in my opinion that is enough. I have since picked up another client but it only covers half of what I lost on his lawn. I am still torn about putting a business card on his house but that requires my time and gas. I think I am just going to let him call me and upcharge him for overgrown conditions if he wants service. I work a full time job and have seven clients and don't have time for games and chasing payments and people.
  5. underESTIMATED

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    You can't lose a client you never had.

    Consider him a one and done. :waving:
  6. BINKY1902

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    The guy is not gonna answer because he knows it was just a one time mow. People want you to come and risk expensive equipment on their lawns for a one time mow, and they know that if they tell you it's a one time mow you won't do it or will charge them a premium. He's too embarassed to answer the phone because he knows he lied to you to get you to do the one time mow, by saying that it would lead to regular business. I am pretty good at sniffing these people out now, but I have ran into several of them. The best advice I can give is to tell them you can set them up on regular mows or nothing at all. I had one customer who I set up every ten days to mow. The yard was already in bad shape at this time. I said sure, $75 dollars every ten days. I told her that I don't do one time mows, she said sure that's fine, get it every ten days. It took me twice as long as it normally would cause it was in bad shape. Well, I get done and collect the cash and tell her I'll see her in ten days, she says, well, I have your card, I'll just call you, and shut the door. She even had the nerve to call me back two months later and ask me to mow it again for $75, AND IT HADN'T BEEN MOWED SINCE I DONE IT TWO MONTHS BACK. People like this make it hard to make a dang living.
  7. cokebear71

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    He had yet to call me. I have written him off. I will upcharge the heck out of him if it is overgrown when I return. Now I have a nonpayment client that is giving me a headache.
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    dang man, sounds like you got some reorganization to do. You always get burned once or twice but back to back like that hurts. Drop the ppl that do this to you, customers that are loyal and pay on time are worth more than the monthly check.
  9. DuraCutter

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    You could offer to do the lawn for 1/2 price as an incentive. If he still doesn't return the calls, drop the price by 10% until he says yes.

    You do not want to loose this one... :confused:
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    this is why we have contracts. mow the grass at a set cost of $xx.xx tell them this is the weekly charge ask them to kindly not let their lawn go this long again. signed contract you get paid no matter what

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