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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jphag, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. jphag

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    I am a small operation and want to get bigger. I have approx 50 residential full maintenance accounts. Some are good but most are dead weight. I want to go after some commercial accounts and want to know what is the best way to do this? Is there certain guide lines I need to follow to give the best price to get these accounts? Also what works well for attracting new residential accounts? I need to get rid of some dead weight and replace it with profitable accounts. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Rustic Goat

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    Use search function on this site, commercial account advise is already abundant.

    Dead weight accounts, get rid of them, follow through on your plan for '04 being the year of expansion and transition into profitable accounts whether they be commercial or homeowner.
    You may have to tighten your belt for a while, but if these dead weight accounts are truly that, it means you're just spinning your wheels letting your valuable time get chewed up, and not 'making' any money, so it shouldn't hurt financially to make these accounts go away. Then go hunting for the account types you think you want.
  3. jphag

    jphag LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Rustic Goat. Do you have any suggestions on getting commercial accounts?
  4. jsr2741

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    Walk in and ask for the property manager or the business's administarative assistant. Then ask if they will give you a bid package. If they don't have a bid package, ask if you can see the previous years bids from other LCO's.

    I did this and the Admin. Asst. actually gave me a copy of the company's contract thats currently serving them.
  5. Rustic Goat

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    Have you tried using the search function yet?;)
    Like jsr2741 said, walk in and ask for them, what are they going to say besides no. Just look and act professionally.

    For residential- Direct mail of fliers, or door hangers delivered by foot power.
  6. justmjc

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    You can call and ask if they are accepting bids. I've landed a few this way. Then show up and ask if you can take measurements. Ask if they have a current contract.

    Also, I've noticed you've said you have a few dead weight accounts. Why don't you sell them off to another LSC? Give them for 25%-30% of the annual cut. If you were planning on dropping them anyway, why not make a little $ for them. I'm guessing they are good paying customers but they just dont provide the $ amount you would like to see.

    Just a thought.
  7. jphag

    jphag LawnSite Member
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    Good advice. I really appreciate your suggestions. If you have any other input don't hesitate to offer it. I have found out the best way to figure things out are ask a question or two.

  8. hoyboy

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    make a letter to your existing residential accounts saying you are interested in commercial work as well. You'd be surprised how many of them may have a say in what goes on at their business. You may have a $35 residential customer who works at a large factory, office, etc. The referal would be a much better lead than any cold calling.


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