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Discussion in 'Toro' started by Lance L, Sep 20, 2009.

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    i noticed when exmark brought out their next lazer, toro followed with something similar shortly after, yes i know they are the same company, whether you still have seperate divisions other than marketing i dont know... but anyways... i saw a new commercial 21 from exmark, i dont know if this is comparable to the newest prolines or not, i cant remember the new model number with the new design honda but i have quite a few 22167's my mechanic saw one of the exmarks earlier i think it may have not been the finished model, but are these style mowers going to replace the current prolines? or are they just another mower badged "commercial"?

    when will they be coming out? any idea on the price range? im currently spending i think nearly 1300 before tax on mine. thanks!
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    Lance L -
    The Toro Proline models will continue to use the same design that has allowed us to achieve the number one market share position in the commercial 21' category. Exmark is introducing an entirely new deck and design for the 2010 season. Toro will not offer these models.

    -The Toro Company
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    I tried to buy a 21" toro commercial mower recently. I've run them for 18 years, including several midsize walk machines as well. I am looking for another brand. The service and attitude before the sale has been so poor it's really turned me off. Sorry, but I'm not going to beg someone to sell me a machine. If they can't bother to act even minimally professional and attentive I'll just find someone who does. I can't believe how badly they'd be if I actually had a problem after the sale. But on general principle I am not going to hand money over to someone who acts like they couldn't care less.

    It sounds to me like someone at Toro should educate these folks how bad the economy is and how unlikely many of them are to survive the downturn if they don't get their acts together.

    PM me if you want the specifics.

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