New Commercial Construction Nightmare

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Green Sweep, Aug 11, 2005.

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    I thought that I'd share this story with those of you who do alot of systems for new commercial construction. I take care of a popular development here with restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, etc. It is a massive system - miles of 4" mainline, over 10 controllers each with about 25 zones, etc. They continue to add a couple of new businesses every year, and usually will damage the common area system every time. They put in a new restaurant & RIPPED OUT about 50' of 4" main, laterals, 2 2" scrubber valves, & lots of wire. The contractor asked me if I can repair. I said yes & called my supplier but unfortunately he did not have 4" gasketed iron fittings in stock & had to order them. I told the contractor this & asked if he could leave the hole open for a few days until I can get my fittings & he said yes. A few days later, after getting my fittings, I returned to see that not only was the hole filled back in, but a parking lot was put in over the hole. After words with the contractor, & using a locater, I determined that I had to go another 80' to catch the mainline in a green area to reconnect. I subbed an excavator, took 3 days to reinstall main, reconnected 23 14 gauge wires, install valves & connect to laterals, thrust block fittings, etc. The total bill was roughly $4500 - time + materials. The contractor had a fit. He thinks that I was "ripping him off". I use Real Green's LA3 & my bills are very detailed - every man hour & fitting is on the invoice. I explained to him several times that that was the exact T/M & that I wasn't ripping him off. Needless to say, our relationship is ruined with this contractor which will hurt future work but I don't care because HE is wrong. We eventually got paid, but I keep hearing that these guys are bad mouthing us in irrigation circles. I realize that pricing is different in other parts of the country, but do you guys think $4500 was extreme for that work? Am I missing something here?
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    The title of your thread says it doesn't matter what we would have priced this cannot win in this situation.

    If your reputation was good before this job, it will be good after it within your circle of irrigation "pros", they will understand what happened even before the guy gets done bad mouthing you.
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    So, to get under the parking lot they added in that time frame, did you end up directional borring w/ sleeve (guessing 6" here) 100' of back reamed boring w/ a 6" sleeve pulled in would probably cost half your invoice alone. Don't sweat guys like this. He is trying to cover his own south end because he screwed up.

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