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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Team-Green L&L, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I posted this a while back, but the files had to be converted to mp3 because everyone was having trouble with them. Now I have our whole radio campaign on 2 stations one's geared to affluent class and the other is a popular rock station. You'll know the difference. (endorsements and commercials)

    I'm looking for everyone's ideas on how to get the most of my time and radio ads.

    Be creative. For example. It is "opening week" at the ball field and March Madness, so we're running the "game" commercial this week. This is the type of input I'm looking for. Not just opinions, but why the opinions are there. Radio is tough and I am new to these things.

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    Link doesnt work for me.

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    link is no good
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    link is no good. Should be
    ad1 so short i doubt anyone could remember it unless you played it 600 times a day
    com2-your wife wants to have sex in the black gold mulch

    endorsements 1,2,5 - all right but is this what you really want to say. If you hire a guy tommorrow, does he have the same training as your most experienced person.

    endorsement 3- good ad

    endorsement 4 - great ad- you addressed a problem that customers want solved and provided a solution. If I lived in Ohio I would probably call you

    Be aware that radio stations have specific geographical areas that they broadcast in. ask to see the map. It doesn't pay to advertise in an area that you don't want to work like North Dakota. Howard Stern has an impact on Landscapers

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