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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by SouthSide Cutter, Sep 4, 2011.

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    I don't mean to hi-jack this thread, but since you are here............
    I was thinking the same thing about tearing the sod. Though we are just heading into fall here, the grass conditions are about as sensitive as in the early spring it seems. I would like to try them though, and would really like to read your reveiw when you get it up on the board here.

    I bet there's no more sliding sideways into the garage though eh?:laugh:
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    You haven't taken a look at the size of the front axles on the B2630 or B3030 machines have you? considerably larger than the Yanmar design on the 2320, 2520, 2720 series.....I believe they are designed to handle more front end weight.....the 410 loader is an older antiquated design, replaced by the 200 series....deere has always rated these loaders at 800 lbs at the pin...kubota loader LA403 on the B2630/B3030 series is 1091 at the pins.....that's a huge difference.....the 4115 has been replaced by the 2520, and they have been making these machines since the 4100 back in 1998....they never really boost anything since then, maybe even de-rated the machines....410 loader was at one time at 881 lbs at the pins, but now the 200 CX is at 800 lbs even thought its a better loader all the way around ( I had a 410 CX loader)...

    If your not using the machine with a FEL or backhoe, your really not using the machine fully in my opinion...I use them to their max, including a brush hog in the back.....the B series are rated to lift 24" in the 3pt at 1676 lbs....deere is only at 1150 lbs.....another huge difference

    you keep taking about weight difference between the machines and there is only a 34 lbs difference - weight can always be added, and in this case takes nothing away from the frame strength or axle longevity from Kubota as you imply....

    I posted the specs earlier...calling me disingenuous is really funny, and i'm not sure you fully understand the vernacular your trying to use.....keep it simple, ok bud? :drinkup:
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    Guy called me on the 790. Has 100hrs, loader, blade, box scraper, bush hog and 72" finish mower 12500. With Trailer 13200. Going to look at it tomorrow.
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    Ok, im gonna just say really should be looking at a hydro - a straight gear tractor, is one giant pain in the ass and painfully unproductive compared to hydros.....shuttle shifts/power reversers or GST at a bare minimum, with hydro can find used in that range with a hydro....just need to hold ground until you find something
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    "... should be looking at a hydro - a straight gear tractor, is one giant pain in the ass and painfully unproductive compared to hydros.....shuttle shifts/power reversers or GST at a bare minimum, with hydro preferred...."

    Depends. There are pros and cons. Here are some; I'm sure you can suggest others.

    -Simple gear models don't rob power and don't need to get rid of heat from another mechanism. -Some systems don't provide enough gear ranges for all applications, and don't have the "cruise control" feature. -Many need the same foot for braking and going (with cars you don't need to use both at the same time on occasion).

    But they are good if -you don't want to keep pumping the clutch pedal or you have inexperienced operators you want to make things simple for -you don't need to brake often -you need precision control in tight areas
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    Agreed 100% Go hydro.
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    Hydro is only way to go. Deere, kubota, does not matter. both are good machines and will serve you well for years if cared for. that said, I would def. get a tractor the physical frame size of the 4310 you are looking at. If you are going to bush hog and grade, these tractors are more suited to this than a small frame machine like a 2520 or B2630, because they handle wider attachments. Lift height is also much higher. I would not get a 4310 though I had a 4410 and sold it after hearing all the nightmares the electronic controls caused. Current deeres went back to levers for stuff like 4WD and diff lock and that is much more reliable. DO NOT buy a deere economy tractor like 3203 or 3032 or 3038 E. Hydraulics are super rough and lift capacity is around 1/2 to 2/3 that or nicer deeres. No experience with economy Kubotas. Be patient and a used deal will come along. You may save money by buying attachments on Craigslist. look long enough and you will find them dirt cheap. If you are buying new, a Grand L40 series is hard to beat. Have looked very hard at the quality and robustness of both brands, and sad to say I have been a JD man for almost 20 years but next tractor will be Kubota either L5740 or L45 TLB just my $.02 let us know how it works out post pics of what u end up with.
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    I have a 2008, grand L 40 series kubota. Its a beautiful machine! Not too heavy or light, tons of hydraulic power (fel-3 pt), position control, decent pto power, luxury cab with strong ac/heat, suspension seat, intellipanel. Good lighting inside & out, decent on fuel, hydrosrat + tranny, this list goes on & on! You will have to search far and wide to find someone who does not like this series from kubota!

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