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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by lot0210, Feb 4, 2008.

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    The new Bobcat branded tractors will be competitive in their class, but do not be fooled into thinking that they are a Bobcat designed tractor. Bobcat is having these tractors built for them by Kioti Tractors, they are identical to each other. John Deere recently started having their tractors built in China after their agreement with Yanmar ended for building their small tractors. We have been a Kioti dealer for more than 3 years and the model tractors that they are getting from us we have been selling really strong against the Kubota L/Grand L series and the John Deere's. I would check the prices against a Kioti branded one if you have a dealer near you. The Bobcat dealer in our area does not have any pricing on the tractors yet so I do not know how they compare. The Bobcat CT120 is the Kioti CK20, the CT225 is the CK25, and the CT230 is the CK30. Kioti does also offer a CK35 which Bobcat is not going to carry, it is the same as the CT230 but with a 35hp engine.
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    Well I have run kioti and think that they are darn good tractors. THo9ugh it is a mid sized CK 45 I think. It has good power specially in 4wd. Thanks for the info.
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    Kioti is on the higher end as cuts go. They give you a lot for the money & owners seem pleased with them overall. If you stay in the realm of kioti,kubota,new holland,john deere & mahindra, you will get a good machine.
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    Typical of Bobcat, buys someone else's quality and paint it and sell as their own.
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    Actually Bobcat is going to carry the 35 hp in the 2 size frame. I ordered my new models today a CT122, and two CT235. All told, there will be 9 models ranging from 20 to 50 Hp. And there have been a few design changes compared to a Kioti, most of them are things such as changing electrical connections to the same types used on the rest of the Bobcat line, and things similar to that. I have been informed that there were ~140 design changes in total.

    Bobcat Ron - Just curious as to you're comment about Bobcat having bought someone else's quality and selling it as their own. Seems a little spiteful..I read your post about your T190, that sounded like a dealer issue more than a machine issue, but almost every manufacturer out there has things outsourced...even Cat. Heck, Kioti got started buying the old Kubota patents and selling them as their own.
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    No, that was clearly a machine issue, NOT dealer, I would and will keep doing business with my local Bobcat dealer for as long as they are around, but the problems I had with the T190 were indeed machine related.

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