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New company and new website


LawnSite Member
Hi I was wondering If you have any ideas to make my website better and get more exposure. I'm listed with yahoo local, google and I can't get into MSN. thanks


Cleveland, Ohio
Hi there,

I think your site if off to a great start. I say that because you already have a lot of text and pages there.

To see how you can improve your site, start by seeing it in a search engine. Here's everything that google sees about your site:

Now, looking at the page titles - see how they are void of geography. For example, you have a page about 'Walkways and Patios' but you don't want a webpage about 'Walkways and Patios' you want a webpage about East Greenwich Walkways and Patios. My point is that you need to describe your services in the context of your market(s)

You should be rocking for terms like east greenwich patio, east greenwich lawn care, etc etc

Just build pages with a specific focus. Put yourself in the the shoes of searches and image what the people around you in your market might search to find you. You would be surprised how successful this can be. Keep writing pages, keep talking about what you have done and where you have done it and you'll do great.

there's so much more than this but is the biggest part.

SO specific tips are:
1. rewrite your title tags to add some geography
2. get your contact information into the footer of all pages
3. build a few more key pages to target specific services/market areas
4. get some incoming links from other sites if you can.

finally with your meta description tag, I would suggest avoiding listing just keyword terms.

<meta name="Description" content="east greenwich lawn maintenance, east greenwich landscape company, east greenwich lawn maintenance company\r\n\r\n" />

The problem is that this is *sometimes* what's listed along with title tag in search engine results. It's doing it now in Google for your homepage. Real people read this and it's just not an effective description. I like to write a real and meaningful description, such as:

"Lawn Maintenance and Patio Installation Serving East Greenwich Rhode Island and Beyond" - that's a clickable description

For page title tags, don't hesitate to really put in a nice (but not too long) page title. The page title tells the visitor the topic of the page. For you, try things like, "Walkway and Patio Installation For East Greenwich RI" best yet have a page about walkways and a page about patios.

Hope this helps...



LawnSite Member
Thanks Jeff for the great advice, I have to work alot more on the geography on my website titles. I had no idea that was how it would come up in google. As you can tell i'm not tech savy too much. I greatly appreciate your help thanks again. I'll post my changes as they progress


Cleveland, Ohio
yeah, keep at it.

It's not hard and it's not technical. You just need the right awareness of how this works.

Keep in mind that you're the real deal. You do lawn care and have a site about lawn care so search engines WANT to find you and reward you over directories and database spam. So often people think that they can't win and that discouragement keeps them from investing the time needed to win. So just write pages, have good content that's honest and written for eyeballs and talk about your services in the context of geography and where you do them and you'll be nicely rewarded.

Good luck and post here again when you're ruling greenwich terms. Getting some incoming links will help that situation a lot. That's a more complex subject, I should write more about it.


Team-Green L&L

LawnSite Bronze Member
Cincinnati, Ohio
Okay, I haven't much experience in this :laugh: but you need to do several things.

1. Make sure your text content is saturated with 20% of your meta keywords.
2. Add features that make people want to link to your site (without linking back)...ONE WAY LINKS.
3. DO NOT "link farm" or get a whole bunch of two-way links
4. Read all java files from an outside location
5. Put your domain name in your signature

There are a few "untold" secrets that I will not share, but I can get you on the top of every search engine.

If you need help, I am only a PM away, but I'm not in it for charity.