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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Southernlandscape343, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Southernlandscape343

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    Well I ordered the magnets for the truck a few days ago.. what do you think? I'm trying to decide if I should trim the white off of the sides, then again it does make it stand out. It has my phone number where the lower white line is, I just didn't feel like posting my number all over the internet. The reason I went with the magnets is because this is my only vehicle. I don't just use this vehicle for work. Let me know what you think. I also have the driver's door with a magnet on it.


  2. DoetschOutdoor

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    The white helps contrast the colors a little bit. Be careful putting magnets on a dirty vehicle, they will scratch your clearcoat real bad over time.
  3. john_incircuit

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    I think a magnetic sign has that "temporary job" message. Rather nothing on the truck and a big vinyl sign on the trailer. The magnet will also mess up your paint over time.
  4. Southernlandscape343

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    I cleaned the area off with a micro fiber cloth before I put them on. I plan on cleaning it about weekly so I don't have any fading with the paint of the truck. I'm starting off with the magnets. I agree that the vinyl looks better but since this is my only vehicle right now I'm just going to try this. Heard from a friend that he gets 65% of his business from the 2 signs on his truck.
  5. AI Inc

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    Make sure you move them arounmd a bit, like every couple weeks. If you dont it will leave a stain permanant on the truck. If left a long time in heat you will have to tear them off. If I get a chance I will post a pic of a truck that they were left on for too long.

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