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    Greetings. I am in the Birmingham area and have been working as a Lumber Broker for almost 7 years. Its really gotten slow the last 4-5 months, so I decided to do something else on the side. I had a small lawncare business when I was in Highschool and always enjoyed doing that.

    Got everything rolling, and put out some sweet looking postcards in my area. Not a great response from those, but about what I expected. I really plan on using word of mouth and just working in the area to help as well.

    Only have 3 bi-weekly jobs so far, but just got a job I bid for 2 days ago for trimming some shrubs and approx 25 bales of straw on top of old straw. I was thinking 240ish but after talking to him, he told me how his last guy did it for 550. I was shocked, but kept a straight face and adviced him I was thinking around 500. (This includes alot of extras though including edging and cleaning up some small weeds and such). Regardless, I am having a ball doing this work and its amazing how much more I enjoy this than sitting at my desk in my house all day :)

    Thanks for all the great info on the site!

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    Congratulations! Enjoy your stay.
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    $20/bale for pine straw?!?!?! holy cow! were doing good to get $6 here.

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