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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kellroy, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. kellroy

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    Just getting ready to order new t shirts for the summer I 've seen some post on the preshrunk cotton and 50/50 blend . had some preshrunk cotton in kelly green but seamed to be soaked before noon,and look like we had just dove in the pool . Any suggestions on a color /and-cotton or 50/50 blend that works . Want the professional look :cool2: with out looking like it been raining on my head :help:

    KLC Hephzihah Ga
  2. JimLewis

    JimLewis LawnSite Fanatic
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    LOL. Cotton works pretty good here in Oregon.

    But if I live in hot, humid, GA, I think I'd buy my workers silk shirts. :D
  3. tiedeman

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    do what I do and just bring along an extra shirt for the day. During lunch break (even though I have never had a lunch break ever and I have no idea what that means) change shirts. You will not only look professional by being more clean, but also feel better by not being wet and drenched in your own sweat
  4. JimLewis

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    tiedeman is right. I remember back when I used to be the one out mowing every day, I did that with my hat. I'd change hats once or twice during every day because they'd get so sweaty and nasty.
  5. justanotherlawnguy

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    Starting about this time of year, I change shirts almost between jobs. I leave with about 10 shirts in my truck. It might sound picky, put it sure feels nice to put on a clean dry shirt when your hot and sweaty and dirty. When I had t-shirts made, i just got a bunch......... I used to be a big fan of 100 percent cotton, but the 50/50 are cooler. I use a khaki t-shirt with hunter green lettering/graphics.
  6. proenterprises

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    I wear cotton. They are the most cost effective, and durable shirts available.

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