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    About 2 weeks ago got a call from a lady 2 doors down from a house we do. I had helped her out 2 years ago by resetting a gfci on her eve that the company that installed her lights didn't come out to fix. So I fixed it and gave her a card if she wanted a quote next year to give me a call. So this year she calls me and I give her a quote and she say that her neighbor is interested in a price. So I give them the prices and they say they like them the reinstall price is better than the other quotes they had gotten. They where going to get back to me after getting one more quote.

    Then I got a message saying that I am ripping them off and there price is 2x as high as some of the other homes we do in the neighborhood. I try to explain its based on the roof and time to install, and she hangs up.

    So last week we are up in her neighborhood installing and the neighbor comes up and asks if I remember her and asks what would be the price for the roof only. I threw out a price and explained to her about the roofs and that we have 2 mil in liability specifically for lighting and WC for roofs and ladders. She said that is good to know. She said that she would go with us and I said we would install the next day.

    So then we are installing her house and the original neighbor that had called came over and asked what if I was to only do the roof what price could I do. So she agreed to it and I said we would be out on Monday, Saturday she calls and cancels and said she got a guy to doit for $300!

    I drive past today and her house is installed but even more alarming is the other guy was installing Walmart garland and bush lights on my job! And I haven't been paid yet.
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    Always get 50% down on new accounts. Always!
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    Some people don't understand quality. I get my garlands from gki. I pay more for the garland alone than she prob paid total to her guy.

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