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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jerrys Lawn Service, Apr 10, 2001.

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    Hey guys I hate when one of our clients gets new concrete,
    it seems like the clippings stick to it like glue. We've tried blowing the stuff off with backpac's but alot still stays put, so out comes the old broom (verry time consuming)
    Just seems like grass does'nt stick to older concrete like it does to the new stuff, does any one know why? We've tried bagging them and it seems to help alot but that new stuff sure does stain up easy. Boy if the grass is a little damp
    then watch out! Any ideas to combat this problem would sure help.

    Jerrys Lawn Service
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    I agree my theory is that new concrete is more rough that is not worn and smoothed down by traffic...dont get a more powerful blower you may rip the concrete if its not settled (2 years) I wouldnt stress too much about it let the client know about the prob you're having with cleaning the walks you may want to suggest a pressure washing
  3. Randy Scott

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    So your telling me your backpack blower has more power than a pressure washer? That the blower will hurt the concrete and the pressure washer will not? Explain.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Concrete cures as hard as it's gonna get in 30 days. If your blower is damaging the concrete then I suggest you put a little cement in the concrete next time. Lawngeek is right about the roughness of new brush finished concrete. It does take a little while to wear it down.

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