new consrtuction or maintenece?


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I was woundering is ir better to do more landscape contruction or better to just stick with the maintenece part of it or do both.I have notice that most guys in here do just the maintaing of it and not really the building or cratin of it.


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The reason most people in here mainytain landscapes is because we primarily cut grass. The question your asking depends on what you want to do. There is probably more money in design and installs than maintenance. Maintenance doesn't require the equipment and knowledge that designing and installing does, at least I wouldn't think so.

Depends on you!



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Homer, You have to have alot of knowledge about the plants and shrubs in a landscape to know how to maintain them correctly... the problem is that most "landscape maintenance contractors" dont have the knowledge they should.


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I recently turned down a large landscape install job. I primarily cut lawns and maintain landscape. I explained to the home owner that I don't have all the equipment for installations. But once it's done, I'll maintain it then.


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I am not too sure but it seems like most everyone on this forum does almost only lawn maintenance. I can say through experience that installs bring in the big $ but there is a great reason to diversify into Maintenance. Maintenance brings in consistant money when installs are hit and miss. There is a big difference in customer satisfaction. Even though it isn't extremely hard to keep maint. customers satisfied they can quiickly forget the tons of good work for one mistake. Install customers are usually very happy to see their finished product with generally small amounts of callbacks as long as you perform to bid.
I have read that the majority of companies doing over 1mil have a mix of install maint. where few companies doing only maint. are even close.