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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by T.Wells, Apr 14, 2005.

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    I moved into my home here in eastern Pennsylvania back in January and due to the fact that we were in the heart of winter, I obviously had no grass when I moved in. My builder will be returning sometime soon to backfill and hydroseed my lot. Is there something I should do other than watering every morning? What I am asking is, should I add some extra seed, fertilizer or something else to help the process of initially establishing a lawn?

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    We moved to our home about 3 years ago and were in the same boat. The builder had an allowance for sod and the remainder of the yard was to be hydroseed. We have dogs so had the sod put in back. The rest is hydroseed.

    All I did was water it every day and in about 1 week +/-, grass was sproutin'. Just keep up with the sprinkler and you'll be fine. One thing - make sure you drain water from the downspouts off the property. It will wash out your seed. A guy a couple houses down didn't and he's got a huge bare spot off the corner of his house.

    I don't think you need any additional seed or fertilizer. They put fescue and bluegrass in our yard. The fescue came up first and the bluegrass came after and choked off the fescue. I think the fescue was to stabilize the bluegrass or something to that effect. I'm sure there are pros that can correct me if I'm wrong.

    As far as hydroseed vs. sod - I'd put hydroseed down before sod. I didn't think I would be nearly as happy with it as I am.

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