New construction apt. complex install


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Northern IL
We're bidding on a new construction install for an apartment complex, first time bidding something like this. The plantings I have a pretty good handle on, but not the cultivating, sod or seeding.

Only sod jobs have been 1000 sq. ft or less and (dumb me) didn't track how long they took. How long might it take a crew of 3 to lay 28,000 sq. ft. ? (Assuming the sod is placed less than 20 ft. away.)

Also how long would it take to cultivate and prep soil for 1.78 acres of seeding using a cultivator attachment for a bobcat? We've only needed to use walk behind cultivators on other jobs.

Thanks for the input.


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56 pallets should take a crew of three 2-3 days. Probably get all the laying done in 2 days, and one day to cleanup and make cuts and roll. Crew of 4 could have it done in 2 days. This is if you have skid steer and job is medium to wide open.

Cultivating is hard to say without seeing jobsite. Variables include moving dirt around, backfilling curbs, hauling debris off, construction debris, grading around irrigation heads etc. But it usually takes a crew of 3-4 with a bobcat to cultivate and hand rake about 1 day.