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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SiteSolutions, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. SiteSolutions

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    Anyone have any ideas on cleaning home sites before grading? I'm waiting on five houses right now because the builder wants them picked clean by hand. I say there's got to be a better way. Some thoughts so far...

    >Harley rake all the trash into a pile (Tends to tear up the rake though)
    >Open bottom rock bucket
    >root grapple with narrowly spaced tines
    >Top Soil screen; clean up with loader and use a screen to sift out the good dirt from the trash and rocks

    Anyone know how much a used screen setup is going for?

    I went over and helped his laborer for a couple hours yesterday to try to speed things along, and I'm sore from it this morning.
  2. AWJ Services

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    It sucks for sure.
    Several companies make buckets that they are designed for construction debris.Something like a rock bucket.

    Most builders will not pay to have them cleaned properly and most of the debris gets covered up here.
    Pulling pipe in with a plow leads to some interesting suprises.

    We just do it by hand.
    It goes fast with a couple guys.

    I wonder if the bricks and stone used in construction will cause problems to the machine.

    I enjoy the labor.It makes me sore but it also makes me appreciate my equipment more.
  3. Dirt Digger2

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    what do you leave jobsites like down there? Up here the most that has to be picked up is a few strewn 2x4's if that...we don't have crap laying all around, everything ends up in a dumpster at the end of the day

    and if the mason left a few bricks or field stones they just get mixed in with the dirt
  4. dozerman21

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    I take it you mean before you rough grade or finish grade the yard? Around here, most builders use trash bins of some sort, whether it be a dumpster or just a fence type bin, to keep all the trash in one spot. Most counties require some sort of trash bin on every lot.

    After the house is framed, the open wood trash pile gets hauled away, and after the house is bricked, the open brick trash pile is also hauled away, separate from the bin trash. Most of the trash contractors use container trucks with a boom on it so they can load the trash stacked by the curb from the street.

    This set up is the best way to go for cleaning up the trash. Most of the time when I go to grade a yard, the bulk of the trash is gone, along with the containers. Trying to screen out the trash with a machine is making it much harder than it needs to be. I'd have the builder look into some sort of container or dumpster.
  5. AWJ Services

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    I have filled up a 30 yard can on a jobsite before.
    Most Builders here expect it to be included in the Landscapers price so they get sloppy at the end.
    Saves them money.
    I refuse to do it without being paid extra so I fail to get many jobs.

    We use cans here as well and we have clean up crews with trash trucks but the buider usually leaves the last clean up for the Landscaper.
  6. Sunscaper

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    Dig a hole in the back yard. Push the trash into the hole. Cover trash.
  7. AWJ Services

    AWJ Services LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Can only bury stone,bricks and concrete here.
  8. RockSet N' Grade

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    Builders down in this area are what I call "wanna-be's". I have been on only one job site this year where the General was organized and had a plan and his site was clean. Yesterday I went to bid a rock wall two tiers each 7' high across his whole side and back of his lot. House is framed. There is no access, we could barely even walk through the trash to get to the back yard. No trash container. Trash being thrown into the yard while we were down leadership present at the job at all. The job was running itself. The best way to clean a site that I have found is by hand with 3-4 guys walking in front of a machine and loading as you go......then dump into bin or truck. Actually, the best way is to stay on top of it daily.......but that rarely is the case.
  9. tallrick

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    I have seen all kinds of cleanup strategies, and around here there is no soil to bury anything in. A root grapple seems to work the best, with tines as close as 6" or so. The drawback is that no matter how much you do with the skid loader alone, there will be lots of little things in the dirt. What always worked well was having two skid loaders, one with grapple and the other with a large mulch bucket. The debris can be carried to the dumpster if it is large, or small stuff can be dumped into the other skid steers bucket. If you only have one person/one machine it just means that you have to make more trips to the dumpster or truck. I have seen sites where they drive the truck closer to the work area but that usually means that tires will be going flat. Debris is often hidden by weeds so the skid steer and grapple is the way to go. After the big stuff is picked up, the smaller stuff could be power raked. Around here that only works with sand. A final pass here was usually with a wheelbarrow and rake, or skid steer and rakes.
  10. dozerman21

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    Same here. On an average sized lot, the landscaper has around 2 or 3 yards of trash/rocks/morter/concrete that need to be hauled away. The majority of the time they take it to another lot and lose it somewhere, usually around the overdig of a foundation.

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