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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cleancutsolutions, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Wondering if anybody has any reviews or recommendations of Dodge Report, Reed Construction Data and Bidclerk? The majority of our landscaping/irrigation installs have been for residential clients and we are considering jumping into commercial new construction. We are not ready for say a large shopping mall but we are interested in say new restaurant or smaller office building, etc. Any reviews or pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.
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    Your best bet is to look into the local labor hall and get involved that way. Most jobs on bid-clerk and such are looking for a general contractor, and then you'll need to get involved with them in order to do the work for the jobs they bid on.

    Be careful with commercial work. The pay can be slow, so you'll need to be able to bank-roll your biz up to a year until you get paid for jobs.


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    The market you are looking into is the bottom of the Commercial Market and every "Lawn and Irrigation" company wants to get their feet wet thinking it is the path to stardom. These projects go cheap.....unless you know a G.C. or have a good relationship with one. If you did have a relationship,then you would not have to post this question.

    BEWARE!!! The money comes in very slow, like 60 - 120 days plus if they with hold retainage. Do not expect to get paid on too many repairs if you do not have an actual signed written change order and even then it will be 50/50.

    Make sure you have everyhing in your proposal and since your will have to sign the G.C. contract, always put any final stips on the page that you sign. If you are doing the sleeving, make sure agree on who will dispose of the spoils and who will provide the gravel / crush and run t used to backfill the sleeves under pavement.
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    To reiterate what the others have already said - Bidclerk, Dodge, etc. are going to give you leads for jobs that are most likely going to be "low bid." If you have the right vendors and labor force there can be some money to be made, but the margin is going to be lower than on a residential installation, for example.

    Be sure you cover all of your bases before going to work for a GC and, as the others also said, be ready to carry the job for months on end. We're going into month 5 on not being paid for one job (over $50k) and month 3 on another (over $75k)....

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