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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BossCo, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Ok, we have all been there. You do maintenance on a facility in a industrial park week after week. You can't help but notice all the new buildings going up with no sign of who owns them. You then see some "Bobs Topsoil" company doing the landscaping. You think, "this guy isn't going to do the lawncare, the only lawnmower he owns has a steering wheel, and is under his porch with two flat tires and a snowblower still on it." What do you do? Research is obvious, but then what. This company does not want your fliers about lawncare when "Bob" hasn't even swept the walks yet. I am just fishing for the have dones, or the would do's from all you have been in the industry longer than I have.payup

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    Usually theres a sign out front thats says who the building is for, who the general contractor is and who is financing the project. Theres 3 leads to track down for who will be reponsable for the maintenece bids.
    Get in contact earlier and it could be you instead of "Bobs Topsoil" doing the install
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    Its not that hard to find out who owns or manages a property. Go talk to the job sup during construction. You have to put a little more effort into it. You can't just look for a sign, see its not there and give up....:rolleyes:

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