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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by G Turf, Dec 31, 2001.

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    Attention Everyone, I am new to this site but love all the information so far that I have read about different problems. I hope some of you can offer some insite to a contract that I am working on. There is a large complexe in my area that puts their facility up for bid every three years and the present contractor is up next year. Is it worth going after a large complex for 3 years? And how could I convince this complex to keep signing if I would get the contract.:confused:
  2. keifer

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    I think the worth it part would be up to you. but as far as keeping it the only thing i see is to do the best you can be a nice as possable and competive on the price.
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    Ask them what they are currently paying. Also include some refferences with your proposal. I was the highest bidder on my largest account. But they knew that I did a great job for them, so I still got the contract for the next year. Your good work will sell itself.
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    I say go for it. We have two contracts very similar to what you are talking about. They are both 3 year deals, and we are in the 4th year at each place. And they already told us that when it goes up for bid in two years, that we have a very strong chance of getting it again. Neither time were we the smallest bid, but we did good work, and they knew this. I would say bid on it anyways. It will give some more practice in the art of bidding out stuff. The only way to convince them to resign you is to do good work. Do a good job, and it will speak for itself.

    Brandon P. Lakin
    B&H Mowing Service
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    Is it a fixxed price for all three years or are increases built in? We added a fuel surcharge clause on two of our contracts two years ago. The amount charged didn't amount to much, the management co we are dealing with felt it was resonable.Think about how market conditions can change over three years.One complex uses 76 yds of mulch,now my wholesale price has gone down in the past 3 yrs but what happens if it goes up ? We use yearly contracts here, they are good for both parties.

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