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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Shaun13, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Shaun13

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    So I've gotten several calls thanks to google and yahoo local searches in my area and have had luck getting some good customers. I also get the calls from people whose yard is 2 foot tall and want it cut down and dont want regular service afterward. The question i have is would it be better to tell these folks i don't have the equipment to do such a heavy clean up or to charge a crazy amount so if i get the job it's gonna be worth it.
  2. meadow2

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    Dont do one time work even at premium rate not worth the wear on equipment
  3. RonB

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    If the alternative is sitting home waiting for the phone to ring - take the job. Just charge a fair price for the extra work.
  4. CGlisson

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    Take the work if you have the time, as said before. Simply factor in what the wear and tear will be. If mowing, assume you will ruin a blade and factor the price of that into your quote. Explain this to the customer as well. I don't have a full mowing schedule so I'm in the same boat. I call them "jungle renovations." They're worth it if you can convince the customer why it's worth as much as you need to charge.
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    how do you link to google, and can you do it for free?

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