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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by officerturner, May 8, 2014.

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    Problem is, most people cannot apply less than 1 lb of N because fertilizers are normally formulated for cool season grasses. Cutting the N rate means the lawn risks looking like a green Dalmatian. I would also have a very hard time if a bureaucrat said my application of 1-2 lb 21-0-0 is out of compliance with the fertilizer law.

    The older cultivars of zoysia are just ugly. Straw colored unless overfertilized and a thatch monster unless the lawn is kept very dry. In normal years, I have total control over the water from May to December. Zoysia is kept at 1" of water per week or less. If a lawn cannot be maintained on a 7 day mowing it is overstimulated. I understand in your area, it rains in the summer months. I do not have that. In Hawaii, it can rain during the short day, cool temperature months, so a lawn can be rough to keep between December and May.
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    I wish we could get some rain during the summer. We we're praying for the rain we just got a few days ago. We went weeks without rain and temps. in the 90's. It's been so dry, I've been seeing foundations and soil starting to crack. They just put up the drought restriction signs and the news says we need 6" of rain within the next month to even have an effect on the drought, which I don't see happening. Luckily we have a 90% chance tomorrow, but it seems like every time we have a 90% chance of rain, the 10% kicks in high gear and it passes right over us. :0 I've been using that rain gauge measuring every bit we do get though!
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    I second this!! Last two years have been severe drought. We got some rain the other day and I was shocked! Hoping for more, because we need it SO bad.

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