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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by imalandscper, Mar 20, 2003.

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    tell me what you think if i attach it right

    Dear Client,

    The owners of A & J Landscaping and Maintenance, Andy and Jeanne, understand the importance of our clients having a reliable and professional company to perform services for you. That is why we are a smaller, family owned company. We are concerned with keeping our clients happy and content. That is why we are now instituting a client referral and repeat client bonus program. We believe in long term relationships and do not think you should need to shop around ever time you need a service performed. We our clients to pick up the phone and call us knowing they are gonna get a awesome job at a fair price. For the client referral we are offering you a $15 credit for any reference work of $300 or higher for each reference. The repeat client program gives you a discounted price on services performed more than once. (Excluding Lawn Mowing) It does not matter if they are performed once a year or five times a year the discount will be there.

    One thing that we do ask our clients is to let is know how to better serve you. If there is a service you would like to see just tell us. We are looking forward to working with you and continuing to do so in the future. Lets beautify your lawn and landscape together.

    “We take pride in what we do. We do what we take pride in”

    Thank you,

    Andrew A. Bruno Jeanne Immel

    Andy Direct Jeanne Direct
    920-251-0956 920-517-5563
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    My logo is between the direct numbers and there is a header on top.......... tell me what you think and do not hold back!!!!!!!


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    Don't know how to use quotes but will go in order.
    professional service to perform your landscape services.... Get rid of the "that is why" and simply say "We are a small, family owned company devoted to keeping our customers safisfied. We are excited to offer a new customer referral program to our existing customers...........If you already have a customer and are doing what you say you are doing ...delivering professional service you do not have to offer a "repeat client"program because they should already be hooked on your "professional" service.
    We believe in long term relationships and look forward to meeting all your landscape needs. If we cannot provide the service you request, we would be happy to refer you to someone that can.
    If you know someone that you can refer a customer to they will go and do only the job you refer them for and not the whole maintenance job. If they shop around they may find someone to do everything. Hope this helps a little. Oh yeah, "gonna" and "awesome" should be replaced with "going to" and "professional" Good Luck.
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    Check the spelling!
  5. TotalCareSolutions

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    Put the hole thing in bullets formatt, NOT a apragraph or letter. People do not have the time or attention spans.

    WE ARE:
    - family owned
    - reliable, professional

    - loyalty


    Have your co name across topBOLD.CAPS
    Have your "pride" slogan below it lighter. smaller. caps

    list all your services

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