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Memphis, TN.
Say you got a new customer today, spring time in the Mid South, temps in mid 70s down to 40s, 50s,. Entire yard infested with broadleaf and grassy weeds. Patches of Bermuda throughout yard. What would be the first treatment to yard. Product rates/1000 and why.


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Memphis, TN
First treatment is to give them the name of a spray company with a license. If you get caught it can be a $5000 fine. A guy in TN just recently got put in jail for 11 mths 29 days for continually getting caught spraying.

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Hey 65Hoss,

Where did the guy get caught? Do you know his name?

Vango123, just dropping impregnated Fert. and getting paid in TN is a class A misdemeanor, with up to $2,500 fine and/or up to 11months 29 days in jail for each infraction. You can cut a lawn for cash, and apply a product bought by the home owner for free, but you are deemed "Custom Applicator", and have broken the law. It is not just pesticides that you can get caught for. Impregnated fert I was told was any fert. other than pure ag. fert. So slow release fert., weed and feed etc. cannot be used. Check with the ag department, I think Kathy Booker would be a good place to start.

Something to Think About:
I'm in middle TN, and the Ag dept. pulled one of our trucks over for inspection, in the middle of nowhere. Everything was good on the truck, but this makes you realize that you never know where the ag inspector maybe.

To answer some of your question, in Memphis you might want to think about over seeding with Bermuda, but 65Hoss can help you better than me, I'm a Tall fescue/Acclaim(herbicide) guy.