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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by csl, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. csl

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    Good morning, I was hoping everyone can give me some input on a subject I am trying to put some hard numbers on. I am looking at my current customer list (weekly mows, fert. apps, tree care, etc.) and trying to assign a dollar figure on what each new account brings in. Example,I sign up a new client for 2013, what amount of advertising do I spend to find my break even point? Is this new customer worth $500, $1000, more? I would appreciate any help and some success stories. Thank you, Ian
  2. pseudosun

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    i guess i've been lucky, i've spent a very minimal amount on advertising, and haven't done it in 5 years. I guess i'm at a point where i can pick and choose. No shortage of people flagging me down. Can't offer much.
  3. csl

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    So... lets say you do have the phone ringing off the hook the good old days. ON AVERAGE, what is the gross profit of each new seasonal contract (mow, fert. apps, cleanup, etc.) worth? Just looking for a good general $$$.

  4. weeze

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    there's no way you can get a straight answer for that. every customer is gonna be different. some yards are 1/2 acre others are 3 acres. at least it's like that here. maybe you live in a city where all yards are pretty much the same size and the cost would be the same for everyone?
  5. herler

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    This is not a good idea.
  6. csl

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    I understand the dynamics of having very large properties and small 10 minute stops. I have one complex that is 14 acres, I get it. I am simply asking for an "average" customer. Leave the outliers out of the question. For example, our average mow, blow and go last year with 5 lawn apps, was $1800, with about $600 being profit.

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