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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MMLawn, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. MMLawn

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    Okay, while I was out of town 2 weeks ago I received a voice mail at 8PM on Saturday evening from someone that we had given a "blind" quote to back in May (they were not home when we estm'ed and left the quote). He wanted lawn service. I called several times and always got only the answering machine, so as we do several lawns in this area I went ahead and scheduled him for last week. My guys get there and it is clear that the yard has not been cut in weeks and is 12" or more tall and the backyard is full of down limbs and sticks. We almost just leave but go ahead and do the job. Because I have yet to see a "living" human and no one is home I leave our standard letter that explains what we have done and that they are on weekly scheduled service now and give them the day of the week and appx time we will be there weekly and it also instructs them that should they have any concerns or questions that they must call before the next cut. We leave an invoice and mark it PAYABLE ON RECEIPT FOR FIRST CUT mainly because we have never seen them. In this area we do not use written contacts as they do not work well, plus in NC any verbal contract under 3 years is legal and we have a copy of the voice mail. BUT, that isn't the question nor really the concern.

    The question is as they have not yet paid and the next cut is in a day given that we have never seen them and they do not answer the phone when we have called should we cut and take a chance on losing both fees or not cut until they either call us back or they pay for the first cut as instructed? It isn't the money on the first cut at all but i don';t want to waste our time on non payers either:confused:
  2. Ray & Karen

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    In no way shape or form should you cut this property again. I always try to find the good in people, but there are bells and whistle's going off. I would leave another note on his door explaining why you have not mowed this week. I also have a hard time understanding people.
  3. bobbygedd

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    no dough no mow. you never met them, you cut thier yard, they didn't call and say thank you, or nice job, or screw you, or anything. if i had a contractor working at my property, and was not there when they serviced the first time, i would touch base and say thanks, what do i owe you, whatever.
  4. jbell113

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    I would not have done it the first time. You need to meet these people whoever your working for and walk the property with them and work out some sort of payment plan.
  5. Ken Kesey

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    I agree with jbell113.

    Not to sound mean, but you're really lucky you didn't accidentally damage any of their property.

    Never, never, never, never, never do any work like that without at least verifying the cost, property lines, ect.

    I hope you get paid but if you don't then it's just another lesson learned on this board by someone who doesn't use contracts.
  6. gramps

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    What where you not thinging of?
  7. GrassBustersLawn

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    Could have been the next door neighbor that called you because they were tired of looking at it. "Let's screw some LCO and get them to come over here & cut this eyesore for free!"

    Good luck collecting. No way I'd cut again before I get paid.

  8. Precision

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    paid in advance, walked the property in advance, seen the contact person enter the house.

    None of those things then it is a no mow.

    haven't been paid and I already mowed once. BIG NO MOW
  9. grasswhacker

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    Sounds to me like you did a frebie.
  10. mkroher

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    MMLawn, can you come over and cut my lawn too? :p


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