New customers come with tall grass

Bill K

LawnSite Member
I never seem to get a new customer whose grass isn't already too tall to cut at the recommended mowing height. (I'm thinking mostly of bermuda and zoysia.) If I were to reduce it to, say, two inches, only brown stems would be left, and I fear such a short cutting at this time of year might damage the turf. On the other hand, just cutting an inch won't give it that manicured appearance the customer wants. What can I do aside from waiting until the lawn is completely dormant in winter to drop the height? Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

little green guy

LawnSite Senior Member
I would lower the height of the cut every time you cut the lawn and work you way down to the normal height.Start off high and gadually lower it. You can cut about 1/3 off every week. Explain to the cutomer what you are doing.

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