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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by work_it, May 7, 2004.

  1. work_it

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    I showed up at a guys house after he called me for a bid only to notice he hasn't had the yard cut yet this season. The entire yard has grass and weeds up to my waste. As I'm trimming the lady next door stops me and said, "that vein on the fence isn't mine, but I wish you wouldn't cut it. It gets the prettiest flowers." Start the trimmer back up, and yep you guessed it. It's no longer there. Then as I'm mowing the back yard she stops me again and said, "You just got clippings in my newly planted tomato bed." After looking real close to find some I said, "Yep, there sure is. Just call it fertilizer." She then said, "That it's not fertilizer, it's weed clippings. Now I'm going to have weeds in my tomato beds." I finally looked at her and said, "How dense are you? Weed clippings don't spread weeds. Seeds from weeds spread weeds. Now go away and quit bothering me before I start billing you for my time you're waisting!" The sad part is that I'm going to have to deal with her the rest of the season.:mad:
  2. specialtylc

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    Some types of weeds can reproduce from clippings.
  3. EagleLandscape

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    Umm... I think you could have handled that a little more professionaly... :-\
  4. work_it

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    OK, you've got my attention. List them. I would like to know which ones have this capability.
    Weeds, like any other plant, either spread from seeds or rysomes. I yet have to see some that can reseed from parts of the stamen or leaves.
  5. work_it

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    You're right, I could have. She just happened to get under my skin at the wrong moment, and yes, I did blow out the tomato beds when I was doing my final clean-up.
  6. jt5019

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    If i got clippings in a neighbors flower/plant beds i would blow them out before i left the job.If they came out, i would have said sorry it was unavoidable and i will blow it out when im finished.If they still complain then i would tell them tough, have fun cleaning it.
  7. fprintf

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    Wow I am amazed how people are becoming unglued and relating the stories here expecting sympathy. If the profession isn't already thought of as high school dropouts it sure will be after the unprofessional demeanor exhibited by this post and quite a few others lately.

    Here's the thing: if you are tired of high schoolers taking your accounts for less money than you charge, do your best to be professional and courteous to everyone you meet. Make the profession something to be proud of, something where people actually have pride in "their lawn guy".
  8. NCSULandscaper

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    Yea well why should we have to put up with all the sh*t people give us. If people have nothing better to do than complain and act like a jackass, im not going to kiss up to them and tell them things will be ok. Alot of people will give you more respect if you tell them like it is and show you will not tolerate their crap instead of kissing their butt. Even the most professional person has a breaking point, one its reached you will say whatever comes to you. Tim you did fine, she hit your breaking point and you acted by human nature and told her what you thought.
  9. work_it

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    Who said anyone was looking for sympathy? I don't think I ever mentioned that I wanted your, or anybody elses, sympathy. Sure, as I said before, I could have been more professional, but as Matt mentioned, sometimes you just reach a breaking point with ignorant people who have nothing more to do than to make everyone else miserable. On the positive side I bet she doesn't waiste any more of my time with her petty bs.
  10. T Edwards

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    fprintf........that was well said. There seems to be a lot of anger on this board lately, and some of it comes from owners letting the customer telling them how much they will pay them.

    NCSU.....I have held you in high regard (top 5 %) for all your knowledgable postings but the anger bug seems to have bitten you, too. Your business must be strong this spring to get you so stressed.


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