New customers throughout the season?


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Rochester, NY
Do you get new customers throughout the season, or primarily at the beginning?

Or does it depend on your advertising? IOW, if you advertise consistently throughout the season will you always pick up new accounts? Or do most homeowners, if they're going to hire someone do it in the spring or not at all?


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Memphis, TN
I get several calls throughout the season.

Many times its because the owner hired a new guy that wanted to get rich quick by fast cash. He found out it is hot dirty work and the heat in the summer is bad. When he quits now the owner is looking to replace him. They usually will not go back with a new guy. They learned that lesson. They want someone that has been doing it awhile.


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Martinsville, IN
I have picked up customers through out the entire season. Some times people just move here, other times they are tired of the service they already have. A lot of possible scenarios can arise in your favor so always keep your eyes open!


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York, PA
People will be interested in work through the entire season fordifferent reasons most of the time my calls come from word
of mouth. The friend of a friend or neighbor of a neighbor. Do great work and they will find you.


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i picked up two new customers for the last few mowings of the season. I expect them to continue this year. good luck.


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A2, Michigan
The majority of my customers I pick up in the spring. And having a limited ability to handle many customers, I usually fill up to capacity. But I do get requests for estimates and I do add people through the year. People drop, move away, die, etc through the year and I add a few here and there as I go.

The majority of my active advertising I do during the spring. My phonebook ad and vehicle signage covers me during the year. In the fall I do a little push for aerations and fall cleanups.



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I pick up more new customers in the spring than later in the cutting season. But as others have said a few come later in the season with it getting hotter, someone moving, or the other service just quit.

Normally add about 10 in the spring and maybe 5 others the rest of the year as regular lawn services.

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