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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by klsgc, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. klsgc

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    We are in Michigan and its colder than I can remember in the last 10yrs for March. How is this affecting everyone's new sales? We are only at 90ish new customers since the beginning of the year and last year at this time we were well over 200. We are doing similar advertising and even have a better deal for new signups than in the past. I am thinking that it is the cold weather that is holding people back but I am starting to get nervous. My phone is just not ringing from our mailers like it usually does. On the bright side, our cancels are way down compared to last year at this point, which is consistent with the idea that people aren't making a move yet because of the weather. Anyone else have some hard data to discuss?
  2. Cadzilla

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    I don't advertise in print anymore but can guarantee you people are not buzzed about anything yet obviously and you can not compare last year with anything. Throw it out as far data is concerned.

    Last year was a fluke.

    This is a normal year for Michigan. Maybe on the cooler side of the line but nothing drastic.

    My cancels are down too....I was thinking good season now you have me worried. lol

    Relax.....springs coming. So are the spring buyers. It's inevitable.
  3. klsgc

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    "Relax.....springs coming. So are the spring buyers. It's inevitable."
    I like that- it makes me feel better. My concern is my mailers are all out as of the last week or so and the calls are just trickling in. Do you think people would be so short sighted to throw it away just cause its cold and when it warms up if they get a mailer then sign with them? In the past I would get calls 6 weeks later from it, but it was warm when I mailed.
  4. DLCS

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    Nobody here is even thinking about lawn care, except the commercials. Just heard we could see a major snow storm here next week. Crazy
  5. Cadzilla

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    Flyer timing is pretty important this year. I would try to time your next round a week or few days before weed pop. Watch the soil temps.
  6. Efficiency

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    Would strongly suggest to not shoot all your load so soon or at once either. Over how many weeks (drops in their terms) did you mail your pieces?
  7. Raymond S.

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    I mailed 10k pcs 2 weeks ago. Had a pretty steady call volume the first week. Still getting a few calls from those flyers as of today. I have 15k more but I'm holding those off until the weather breaks atleast partially. I have had a very minor increase in traffic to my website after the flyer distribution as well so I'm thinking people just aren't interested in their lawn just yet.
    I don't expect to be applying until the 2nd week of April at the earliest. You're much larger than us though if you're getting 200 new customers per year. I have around 200 fert account total right now.
  8. klsgc

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    I did 3 drops over 3 weeks. Tried to hit sunny fridays or saturdays. Hoping to start applications april 1 so i cant wait too much longer. Once we start apps we will hit 5 neigh ors per acct with doorhangers. Since i first posted things have picked up a bit so im not too unhappy yet
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