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New dealers?


LawnSite Bronze Member
new hampshire
Last fall it was mentioned that there were going to be some new dealers in the new england area- NH/MA. Just wondering what happened and if there are some newer dealers because the closest on is Richy and Clapper in mass which is 1 hr away 1 way. I would love to demo and possibly purchase a hustler or 2 but can't justify buying from a dealer that is that far away. Thanks for your response. Joel


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The distributor is working on several dealers in New England, a lot of them are not going to be on board until the snow starts melting.
I will find out who is going to be in your area and post when I have a answer.....couple days most likely.



LawnSite Member
Rollinsford, NH
How about in or around the greater Portsmouth/Dover NH area?


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McMurray, PA
Add Western PA to your list of sparse coverage.

I attended the PA Turf Council trade show this week in Pittsburgh, with specific goals in mind: Look at all offerings for a 48" walk-behind mower. I've read so much good on lawnsite, so was eager to talk with somebody about Hustler.

Early in the show, I saw one sign in a vendor booth. I skipped, looking for some equipment displays. I never found any. Later, I returned to the booth with the sign, only to find the booth unstaffed. Nobody to even talk with!!! Terrible representation!

Yea, I picked up some literature, but it is the same stuff as last year.

... disappointed, so will not give Hustler any further consideration.


LawnSite Member

Contact Krigger & Co. in Gibsonia.
Good folks that have serviced the golf course industry for years.
They are a Hustler dealer and were great to work with.

They arranged a demo unit for me with the help of the local Hustler sales rep.

Send me a private message if you want some further info or opinons on the equipment.

I wound up with a 54" SWB. Great machine.



LawnSite Member
Warwick, NY
I have a dealer near me but all he wants to sell are Deere's. He told me that he has had a lot of warranty problems with Hustler and didn't even want me to demo one.... Still would like to try one but nearest dealer is now 45+ mins away.... :(