New Deere 777 on the way!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Steve1, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Steve1

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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their input here. I've been researching ZTR's for over a month now it seems and I've asked a lot of questions and got a LOT of valuable insight and info from many great people on here.

    Well, today I ordered my new ZTR. It's a 777 JD with the 7-Iron Commercial 60" deck. It's supposed to be here within two weeks and I can't wait to get it.

    The dealer is being super cool about it and is even letting me use one of their 757 demos until my 777 arrives. Can't complain about that at all!

    Anyhow - thanks for all the info. I'm sure I'll be asking even more as I go because I really enjoy this board!
  2. Dupontcar

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    Congrats Steve.

    I agree the help and information on this site is so valuable. I have also been active in discussing pro's and con's of different zero turn mowers.

    I have it narrowed down from about a dozen to 2 mowers. Its gonna be an Everride Warrior or the "Green Machine" Deere. I was absolutely impressed with the John Deere ZTR's. I demo'd a 757 w/60" 7 iron deck and it was awesome. Why did you choose the larger 777? My local dealer did not have a 777 there for me to compare. What where you able to get your 777 for, and did you get a quote on the 757?

    Thanks again for all the insight and info on this.


    "Cutting them 1 at a time"
  3. jpmako

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    Hey Steve,

    Me Too- Mine should be in and setup on July 28th. I can't wait either. My dealer did not have any Z's for me to use. In the mean time its my Lesco 48" W/B or My Deere W/B.

  4. jpmako

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    I looked at the Everride Warrior too, and It looks like a good machine. My local Everride dealer tried to sell me one. Here's why I wen't with the Green.

    1. He would not let me demo
    2. He had nothing but negative things to say about John Deere Equipment, Parts, and Service.
    3. He decided to take a 5 day vacation and his shop was closed.

    Do the right thing get a Deere
  5. Steve1

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    I went with the 777 because I decided that I wanted liquid cooled as well as the larger frame. No particular reasons that you haven't read here about these kind of features - it's just that's what I wanted after I boilded everything down.

    I demo'd the 757 twice and loved it both times. I demo'd a 777 with a 72" mower and really loved it but didn't want to fight the extra width of the 6' deck. I also demo'd an exMark Lazer Z, Hustler Z and the Super Z, Scag Turf Tiger, Scag Wildcat, Toro 557, Gravely PM260Z, Grasshopper 227/61, and a Bobcat (I don't recall the model of the Bobcat).

    Side by side and in the same grass, the Deere deck consistently cut better in all conditions and the worse the conditions, the better the cut of the Deere. The Deere deck showed no grass retention beneath it no matter the moisture of the grass while all of the others picked up and held clippings of various amounts - I thought that fact alone was outstanding!

    At first, it was VERY hard to pick just one - they are all good units. There were various things about each unit I loved (especially the Hustler Super Z and the Scag Turf Tiger) but when it came down to what mattered and especially dealer service/proximity, it wasn't hard to choose the Deere at all.

    I paid $7950 (which included a welded on hitch and an extra set of blades) minus my garden tractor trade in for a net price of $6650 plus tax. I was quoted $7299 (minus trade of course) for a 757 which was also a very good price.

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