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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jabbo, Jun 19, 2012.

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    How about some recommendations. I am a homeowner that has been coming to this site for years now. I started doing my homework to be able to put my own system in and finally did 4-5 years ago and it's doing great. I water alittle over an acre and I am on a well. So now I am in the process of drawing up a system for my dad. He will be watering about the same amount but he is on city water. Presently he is getting his 3/4" meter changed to a 1". He has plenty of pressure. His front yard, which is probably half the system is full sun. His backyard has big pines so it's mostly in the shade most of the day. I know back when I installed my system I used pgp's and now have added some pgp ultras to some of the dryer spots around the edges. I really like the ultras with the blue nozzles!!! I was just wanting to get some feedback as to what most would use in the big open front yard and in the back. I have already said I would go with the ultras most everywhere but wanted to see if ya'll have anything different that I might not be considering, i.e MP rotators, 1-20's, or some other type head. We have not done a flow test yet, just waiting on the meter to be changed. The POC is going to be the lowest point on the system so I need to figure out the backflow also...I have no trouble with layout, head spacing, or anything like that, just wanted to make sure I give him the best bang for the buck and the latest and greatest. Thanks!
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    Since you're going uphill from the POC, you want to figure on using an RPZ as backflow preventer. Just what the current state of the code is there, I don't know, but regional codes all wind up with an RPZ when elevation is against you, and it is far easier to go ahead and install it, and work from the reduced pressure, rather than to try to figure things out later on, if an RPZ gets retrofitted into a system not designed for one.
  3. Wet_Boots

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    By the way, if you do have a good water supply, both pressure and flow, you might want to consider going retro with Toro Stream Rotors. Not cheap, but probably the most reliable product you can install, besides looking awesome in operation.

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    I will make my usual suggestion of using the Rainbird 5000sam/prs with the low angle nozzle.
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    Can get the 4" for $7.43 a piece. Tell me what you like/dislike about them. I can remember you talking about them but not specifically...Thanks!

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    Holy shiit, I actually agree with something boots said. :clapping: :laugh:

    And then he has to ruin the good feeling.
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    One of the issues I'm dealing with is watering out to the street. :rolleyes: And yes I've read over the years where yall have hashed it out about this one...:dizzy: There is no sidewalk or curb and the yard is about 2 feet HIGHER than the ashalt(yes I know that sounds backwards). The distance it takes the yard to level out onto the street is about 14 feet from the edge of the ashalt. I was thinking about using a row of square pattern sprays like Hunter has and put them up where the yard levels back out. It would do a 17' X 17" square pattern... Or maybe use those "side strip" nozzles. My dad does not want to put any heads down in the ditch area because thats where the main runs down the street. So what ya think???
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    My vote is for the RB5000 sam. PGP's are a seal leaking SOB. I've replaced hundreds. The 5000 is also just plain easier to work with in alot of ways.

    The square pattern would probably work. I guess you would need to put half circles on the ends which wouldnt be perfect but prob good enough. They take alot of water though 4GPM. Be sure to space head to head and not to the edge of the pattern.
  9. jabbo

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    Yea I am going to space head to head...

  10. 1idejim

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    don't usually post about irrigation design but my theory is that head to head design is bunk.

    system performance gets worse with age, not better. parts wear and water supply and pressures taper off, they don't increase.

    i believe that you must plan for a 10-15% reduction in performance to begin with as you can always tune the sytem down in the begining and up as needed.

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