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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jabbo, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Bingo. Give the man a cookie. 15-20% is my rule of thumb.

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    You can put the 10-15% reduction in the pressure calculations. I wouldn't necessarily do it with spacing. Wouldn't stretch the spacing either.

    The 5000 sam/prs will even out the pressure to all the rotors and cut down considerably on misting. Plus eliminating low head drainage and soggy spots around rotors which leads to other problems. The LA nozzle does better in wind as well as lose less to evaporation since the water isn't be blown 15' in the air. On the bottom of slopes though use the standard nozzle and the low angle at the top of the slope.
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    I have been reading up on these heads. Looks like a good head. Especially the one with the flow stop. I used all hunter stuff on my system so I don't have alot of experience with RB. Anybody got any pics of the 5000 sams in action???

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    5000 SAM 6" stainless:

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    Now what about the controller??? I have a Pro C and have never had so much as a hick-up from it(5 yrs.). But now we have these "smart controllers" so i was just wanting to get some feedback on these. I doubt my dad would be willing to go the whole 9 yards as far as putting sensors all over the yard but I would like some feedback on this....
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    I was looking at the smart controller that Rainbird makes and wondering if it does as good as they claim it does??? If it does, the price is not all that bad...
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    I have not personally used this smart system but my opinion of systems that adjust run times only are not the way to go. Some of the more expensive systems adjust frequency which in my opinion is the best way to do it. Then and again I believe an observant person with common sense can do the best job but most of my customers cannot acomplish this.
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    Interval and runtime. Intervals can be adjusted manually if needed however, once you have collected and crunched the data required to actually know what an appropriate interval is.

    Most people (and irrigators) do not have the equipment or knowledge to do this correctly, nor will most clients pay for the daily babysitting you "should" get from a smart controller. So what you end up with is an "ass" schedule (aka lawnboy schedule), which more likely than not is applying way too much water.

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